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Prototype Global Shoreline Data (Satellite Derived High Water Line Data)
The NGA Office of Global Navigation, Maritime Domain is in the process of developing a new version of World Vector Shoreline (WVS®) and in support of this effort has acquired a prototype Global Shoreline Data set. This new shoreline is an approximation of the High Water Line; it is NOT a Mean High Water Line since the source data have not been tide coordinated. Regions 2, 3, and part of 10 have been updated with post December 2004 imagery. Work to fill in gaps in the prototype Global Shoreline Data set, particularly cloud cover gaps, has now been completed. Continuous shoreline data, approximately between 60 degrees north and 56 degrees south, are being made available. These segments are being made available in the interest of supporting outside users who may have immediate application for these higher resolution data than World Vector Shoreline (WVS®). IMPORTANT: These prototype data are not currently intended for safety of navigation products and do not necessarily reflect recognition of the political status of an area by the coastal nations affected or by the United States Government. (Region 29 shoreline is not available.)

Maritime Safety Information
The mission of the Maritime Division is to provide global maritime geospatial intelligence in support of national security objectives including safety of navigation, international obligations, intelligence activities and joint military operations.

Vector Product Format Database Update (VDU)
NGA's VPF Database Update (VDU) software was designed to meet digital correction and update requirements of VPF data products resident at remote user sites. The U.S. Navy and NGA believe that "commercial patch" technology has matured significantly in the past several years, to the point where it is now a viable solution to VDU requirements. Although there is a need for future rapid update of all VPF data, the immediate need for this capability is to support the Digital Nautical Chart (DNC®) program. DNC® update requirements are unique due to the frequency, volume and criticality of update information to support safe electronic navigation. (Updated 25 February, 2010)

DNC® Bulletin Database
The Digital Nautical Chart (DNC®) Database is continually updated with new questions and answers concerning VPF production. (Updated April, 2012.)