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The VDU patches below will update certified libraries on Edition 23 to 10/24.

* To download individual libraries or patches, right-click on the link and choose 'Save Target As' (for IE) or 'Save Link As' (for Netscape). To download multiple files at once, use the checkboxes to select the files, and click the 'Download' button at the bottom of the list. Once the files have been downloaded, the user must use Winzip 9.0 or earlier editions to extract from the .zip files.

Labrador Sea       Northwest Passage      


*Rows highlighted below in this color are cancelled libraries since the latest New Edition.*
*Rows highlighted below in this color are new libraries available with the latest New Edition.*

IMPORTANT: As of 15 November 2021, NGA's Maritime Safety Office no longer supports DNC VDU UNIX patches. If you have questions or concerns please contact NGA via the Maritime Quality Feedback System (MQFS)

Number Name Download
full library
Download VDU Patch
Download VDU Patch 
Cancelled or
New Libraries
 N/A    N/A NtM
A2800640 Approach to Nuuk, Greenland N/A   Windows
       842.9 KB
N/A -
A2800660 Holsteinsborg-Faeringe Nordhavn, Greenland N/A   Windows
       652.9 KB
N/A -
A2800670 Egedesminde-Godhavn, Greenland N/A   Windows
       130.1 KB
N/A -
A2801000 Uummannaq (Dundas), Thule, Greenland N/A   Windows
       110.2 KB
N/A -
A2801010 Frobisher Bay, Baffin Island, Canada N/A   Windows
       2.2 KB
N/A -
A2801065 Igloolik Island, Canada N/A   Windows
       385 Bytes
N/A -
A2801220 Gray and Mclelan Straits, Labrador, Canada N/A   Windows
       2.2 MB
N/A -
A2801230 Osborne Point, Labrador, Canada N/A   Windows
       1.1 KB
N/A -
A2801238 Saglek Bay, Labrador, Canada N/A   Windows
       1,006 Bytes
N/A -
A2801260 Seniartlit Islands, Labrador, Canada N/A   Windows
       4.9 MB
N/A -
A2801290 Hopedale Run, Labrador, Canada N/A   Windows
       844.7 KB
N/A -
A2801300 Cape Harrison, Labrador, Canada N/A   Windows
       1.7 MB
N/A -
A2801340 Terrington Basin, Labrador, Canada N/A   Windows
       563.5 KB
N/A -
A2801420 Saint Anthony, Newfoundland, Canada N/A   Windows
       120.2 KB
N/A -
A2820510 Cambridge Bay, Victoria Island, Canada N/A   Windows
       201.8 KB
N/A -
A2820515 Korvigdjuak Island Channels, Canada N/A   Windows
       431 Bytes
N/A -
A2820520 Resolute Passage, Canada N/A   Windows
       908 Bytes
N/A -
A2820525 Erebus Bay & Radstock Bay, Canada N/A   Windows
       833 Bytes
N/A -